Turning Dorset into a Powerhouse of Disability Sports

Poole Powerhouse for Disability Sports

An article in the Bournemouth Echo about how we are building Rossmore Leisure Centre in Poole into a powerhouse of disability sports for Dorset.

But why?

Because Dorset really needs more disability sports and because it’s been a bit neglected. There are some great sports in Dorset, but when I first started looking around to play something that I wanted to get my teeth into there was nothing I personally liked.

So as the old saying goes, “Why not do it yourself then?” So that’s what we are doing. It all started off with my mate Paul Sutherland and my wife Sue Coombs agreeing one night to set up a wheelchair rugby club, back on a rainy, cold night in March 2014. None of us had played the game, we’d seen a bit on TV, but had no idea about anything……..which worked to our advantage as we planned things our way 🙂